Gotham’s dark knight

July 23, 2008

Read my review on the film at my other blog. It’s Websense downtime once more… Sorry that I’m giving only morsels of this & that, I’ll have to rely on my i.ph account from hereon out. But the juicy [juicier?] posts are still here.

Peace out.



July 15, 2008

lo & behold a lucid interval… I bet half of the office populace are procrastinating with a momentary lapse from Websense. Nothing much to say but visit http://www.discipletonone.i.ph/ for recent posts.



cells, songs, holidays

July 4, 2008

Spreadsheets, cells, and more cells. I’m getting pimples, and dandruff on the side from all this work… I mean to ask our ts supervisor if i can use the iMac at the back. Need to delete some mushy songs from “Greg the nano”. I told kuya George to just sync all of his songs; so I’m deleting the ones my ear finds unfriendly. Anything Air supply-ish is definitely bound for the trash bin.

John Mayer has really interesting posts on johnmayer.com/blog. Check out the one on The Goonies. [And if you’re interested find a clip of him evading Ryan Seacrest’s question by speaking Japanese on YouTube].

* * *

ok, I’ve added a couple of songs and got rid of the puke-inducing music. Good thing sir dj is nice, seeing as iTunes is prohibited on our PCs and USB connections have been disabled. Back when i had a shuffle we can freely use iTunes and getting songs wasn’t much of an ordeal–you simply open other people’s playlists and sync em up. Oh well, this is better than nothing. Getting a free iPod and bending a few rules. Ciao for now.

* * *


Nice of kumpare Pechay to bring me CDs. Movie marathon this long weekend… Hope the U.S. had more major holidays…


of street-peddlers and musta domestica

June 29, 2008

My kid is never gonna set foot on an internet shop. If he’s gonna curse, it’s going to be moderate and he’ll learn it from overhearing other people who found it imperative to cuss–not from peers ecstatic over online games. Of course, that’s when [the bigger question really, is IF] I have kids of my own. Anyway, it’s a lazy Sunday and I just finished the darn laundry but I had to get out of the house to evade overhearing our housmate & her boyfriend. I’ve always felt that overhearing other people’s conversations  sucks, either because: Theyre downright trivial, edging on boring. Or they’re interesting, but it’d be rude to cut in.

Yesterday, while on a a Cubao-bound bus from Tarlac, Pampanga, I suddenly remembered this: When I was kid, there were two different peddlers of puto who frequented our “subdivision.” We always bought from the younger one, because the other was a man in  horn-rimmed glasses, donning a Pepe Smith hairstyle and whom Mom saw peeing and getting rid of snot –and defined sanitation by the mere wiping of the hands on his trousers.
That was way back when I was in elemetary. And then, many years after when we’ve moved to a different part of the city, he no longer peddled puto, but TAHO. I didn’t know how to feel. Can you call that a promotion of stature? How did he feel when my mother recognized him as a former puto vendor, but vendor allthesame?

Anyway, I was with Pechay in Gerona, Tarlac for Arimys’ christening. Thank God the next occasion willl be in their Marikina residence. To have travelled that far and endured lunch with a swarm of flies. . . All i know is, IF A BUS IS NOT HOMEBOUND, I’LL NEVER RIDE ONE AGAIN.



the Gilmore approach

June 27, 2008

There are surfaces you shouldn’t scratch, crevices that musn’t be probed–at least, not when you’re unprepared for the find. But in that non-moment–nothing so complicated can be untangled in a millisecond of clarity, what nonsense to declare everything, everything fixed by a single moment–in that non-moment, I was/am brave enough to admit that yes, I loved her. And no, that gundygut no longer figures in my life. I call her greedy for keeping two persons to herself; two women, both unloved by neither lad nor lady prior to her praetorian love. Earlier, when the sort-of-break-up occurred, it’s exactly what Gaiman had said, “(being in love) makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses. You build up a whole armor, for years, so nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life… You give them a piece of you. They didn’t ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn’t your own anymore. Love takes hostages.”

But months, years after, I find everything so quisquilian; which means dismissing the grim business I put myself through. Because really, I could’ve beeped everything out from my head; but the method I chose, the approach of dealing with the matter was to wallow and brood, as Lorelai Gilmore once suggested. But though I do find everything so trifling, if we cross paths, hypothetically, tomorrow: the lines I have had floating in my brain — I’m not sure I can say them. Or say them right. These are times when we can never trust ourselves and therefore, this not knowing how we react to situations; here we betray the fact: we do not know who we truly are.

So I hope the bitch girl would stop sending forwarded quotes. Like this one: …it’s not the heart that breaks, it’s something else…Faith.
Well newsflash, above it all, I pride myself in saying, I stand undamaged by a brummagem love.


more Greg

June 24, 2008

I thought all CSI installments are equally good but after a couple of Miami episodes… I kinda grew tired of Horatio’s sideways glance and his under-the-breath one-liner — all before the soundtrack scream, which is awesome, by the way. I should get Vegas and NY instead. I’ve been a Gary Sinise fan since I saw Forrest Gump some nine odd years ago. Oh I loved Lt. Dan; from soldier to social pariah to the man who made his peace with God swimming with only his wading arms. I’ve read Winston Groom, bdw, and mind you, in a very rare case: the flick was better than the novel. But I digress…
The weekend was devoted to [sleep, of course. But in b/w that:] CSI and House MD season 4. I’ve seen episodes 13-16, all after each day it aired in the u.s. but I haven’t seen the latter part of season 3 and most part of season4 so I was re-running them. Isn’t it weird when you’re disappointed to find the actor not as distinct as the character he portrays? I viewed a lot of Hugh laurie clips on YouTube and was sorry to find him so different from Greg. That is a true feat of genius; Hugh created the contumelious House. He’s such a good actor you end up loving the character notches more than the progenitor. Have you seen the season-ender? Holy shit, it’s the the the best. TV at its finest.


on winning a 3rd gen 4G iPod nano after hoping for 18 times in a span of 1.5 years

June 20, 2008

There is a millisecond of calm sandwiched by hope and mirth, until there it is: an email from Shaun and a screenshot of Random.org results. My name on it. Maglaway ka, baboy! [Yes, J.D. kaw yun].

But again, as with everything, the silver nano hangs in the balance. Should i keep it? It has non-monetary, therefore, sentimental values. But I also need cash…plan on paying a few months rent in advance so that I’d have some savings for the next several pay-outs. [Savings or shopping money? I’m dangerously bent on the latter]. Or I could sell it and open a bank account. Passbook, not atm accessed money. Ha.

Indecisive, indecisive… Ah the curse of the balanced-brained.

Although, suddenly I’m afraid my other “hopes” will be denied since He just gave me this major one. The results I’m waiting for will be out on September… Lord, let me hope for this twice as hard… It’s your call if I’m worthy.

* * *

on Hugh Laurie:

In 1996, Laurie’s first novel, The Gun Seller, a spoof of the thriller genre, was published and became a best seller…

Laurie admires the writings of P.G. Wodehouse: he explained in a 27 May 1999 article in The Daily Telegraph how reading Wodehouse novels had saved his life.

Hey, self: on your next bookhunt, scout for those.